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Bumps & Bruises Clinic

Bumps and Bruises (B&B) Clinic is a service provided to high school athletes by Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group. All Bumps and Bruises visits will be coordinated by the school’s respective athletic trainer or athletic director. If the ATC determines an athlete needs to be seen by the Bumps and Bruises Clinic provider to assess the extent of the injury, the ATC will contact the athlete’s parents. Parents must give the ATC verbal consent to schedule an appointment with our clinic for the athlete. The Bumps and Bruises Clinic includes a free initial evaluation and X-Rays, if deemed appropriate by the attending provider. If additional treatment (casting, MRI, injections, surgery) is needed, charges will apply.

A parent or guardian MUST accompany the student to the Bumps and Bruises Clinic appointment and MUST bring a copy of the referral form. If the form is not brought, the student may still be seen, but the visit will no longer be considered a Bumps and Bruises appointment, and the visit and services will be billed to the student.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for a Bumps and Bruises Clinic visit, athletes must have been treated for their injury while playing a CHSAA sanctified sport. Athletes that are established patients of the team orthopedic provider cannot be seen as a B&B Clinic visit. Athletes that have been treated for an injury by another provider prior to being seen by their team provider may not be seen as a B&B Clinic patient. Athletes may be scheduled for a Bumps and Bruises visit more than once, but NOT for the same injury.

Dr. Stockelman personally oversees St. Mary’s and Liberty High School's Bumps & Bruises Clinic, but will see athletes from other schools as well. Angela Merckx, MA will assist Dr. Stockelman, and screen all athletes. To learn more about the B&B Clinic, call Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group at (719) 632-7669 to make an appointment today with Dr. Stockelman, or use our online appointment request form.

Required Forms

Bumps & Bruises Referral Form

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